Massage Therapy
    Shannon Zeller, Spa Coordinator
    Licenses are pending in the state of Pa.
    We see massage therapy as an education for your body.  Massage therapy lets you know that there are alternatives out there to help you with those troublesome issues with your body. Massage is relaxing as well as therapeutic.  Massage is for everyone!
    *Lookie here!"
    Let us pamper you like crazy!  Try the Ylang-Ylang and Orange mixture for your next massage.  The Ylang flower is an Asian flower richly scented mixed with the sweet scent of citrus and...Whalla! You have found yourself in heaven.  
    Prices:.....30 Mins. $45
                                               45 Mins. $55                           
                   60 Mins. $75
                    90 Mins. $100
    Aromatherapy Massage
      $5.00 X-Tra to Any Massage
    Essential oils are used to help soothe,
    heal and relax the body naturally thus
    energizing the body (Peppermint), relaxing the body
    (Lavender), or for clarity (Eucalyptus).  Many
    other scents for you to choose from mixed
    with Massage Oils.
    Zen Massage/ 4 Hands Zen Massage
    A massage therapist and reflexologist
     are working simultaneously to jump-start
    a sluggish system by synchronizing movement
    to open the body’s energy.
    Couples Massage
    60 mins $175
         90 mins $220.00
    Enjoy and relax with your partner in the same
     room. We can accomodate romantic needs for the couples
    massage such as candies, flowers and wine for special occasions such as:
    birthdays, anniversaries and honeymooners.
    Chair Massage - Seated Massage
    $1.00 per min
    A chair massage is done in a special chair
    designed for individuals who do not have the
    time to disrobe and lie on a massage table. 
    A gentle technique that enables the practitioner
    to enhance the delicate movements of the
    craniosacral rhythm in the bones of your head,
    neck and low back. 
    Lomi Lomi
    Warm Stone Eucalyptus Massage
    $85-60 mins./$105-90 mins.
    This beautiful massage treatment is meant for
    the individual who loves to be warm.  Gently
    heated lava stones are placed around the body
    to promote healing. Eucalyptus oils are put
    on the stones to increase healing in the muscles.
    Myofascial Release
    The word “myo” means muscles. This treatment
    is the last treatment you will ever need to help
     with circulation, nerves, muscle tension & toxin
     build up.
    Orthopedic Massage
     60-90 min. $110.00
    Massage based on the structure of the body and
     bringing it back to balance. Muscles out of balance
     can pull the spine and other bones out of alignment
    causing a reduction of flexibility. 
    Pregnancy Massage
     $55-30 mins/$65-45 mins/$85-60 mins/$110-90 mins.
    Pregnancy massage helps Mommy and baby to
    stay comfortable while adjusting to the wonderful
    changes that are happening to both over the next
     nine months. Keeping mommy feeling relaxed during
                          pregnancy is our highest goal.                   
    A calming therapy that uses massage of
    reflex points to stimulate the body’s
     healing processes to promote balance &
     relieve tension through the hands, feet,
    and facial points.
    Reiki/Healing Touch
    A non-invasive hands-on healing that taps into
    the energy referred to as Ki, Chi, or Prana, meant
    for internal healing of the body.  Relax from the
    inside out. Promotes a sense of freedom in your body
    and balances the Chakras. 
    Swedish Massage   
    This massage is as beautiful as you imagined
     it to be. Soothing for the soul, relaxing for the
    Shiatsu means “finger pressure”, it is based
    on the holistic system of traditional Chinese
     medicine, where illness is thought to result
     from imbalances in the natural flow of energy,
     or qi (Chee) through the body. Promotes a sense
    of well being and balance. Wonderful for all and
     is usually done with clothing on.
    Thai Yoga Therapy
    60-90 mins $120/90-120 mins $150
    A beautiful combination of massage, acupressure,
    stretching, twisting, energy work and meditation,
     all rolled into one beautiful experience.
    Thank you for coming and visiting us.  We hope you had a relaxing time.
    *24 hour cancellation is appreciated.
    *Tips are appreciated.
    *Feedback is always welcomed as it is a part of our growth.
    *Book in home Parties, Bridal Parties, Bachelor & Bachelorete Parties,
    Corporate Events, and Special Occasions.
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